what has happened so far...

since 1993 until today and further into the future
Team picture 2005 as sponsor for the racing team of Dirk Heidolf, Sachsenring

Franchise partner of INtIME Direkt-Kuriere for the economic region Chemnitz-Zwickau
Foundation of ECL euro.COURIER Logistics GmbH
Foundation of a branch office in Dresden
Exit from the INtIME Direkt-Kuriere franchise network

Inauguration of our new company building and at the same time we celebrate our 15th anniversary

The logo was designed for the messenger service on the occasion of the company's 20th anniversary


euro.COURIER celebrates its 20th anniversary under difficult conditions. Since the beginning of the year, there have been extensive social and economic restrictions worldwide due to the Corona pandemic that broke out in China.

our story

With our company history, we look back on an eventful and exciting time as a courier service.

Started as a city courier service, bicycle courier and motorbike courier in 1993 as CMK - Chemnitzer Motorrad Kurier (Chemnitz Motorcycle Courier), we have developed over time into an express freight specialist for Europe-wide road freight transport.

For this reason, we changed our name to euro.COURIER in 2000 to reflect our expanded area of operation.

Whereas in the beginning we transported documents and prepress or even screen printing artwork, the demands of our customers changed with the advent of the Internet and digital exchange.

Today we transport all goods that urgently need to be sent to a customer, an OEM or to a supplier for further processing.

In its core business, euro.COURIER specialises in deadline transports, direct and special transports as well as emergency and procurement logistics. Hazardous goods and industrial waste transports are special components of our competence.

We also offer to take over logistical services that are to be carried out before or after the actual transport. These can be packaging services, repackaging, assembly and testing of equipment.

As a company, we have survived the 2008 financial crisis, the 2020 Corona crisis and the energy crisis. The next big step will be the transformation of our vehicle fleet, which has so far been powered exclusively by fossil fuels. We expect the electrification of trucks, i.e. eTRUCKs, in the next few years.

our Smart in the INtIME-look

At the Chemnitz location, we were partners of INtIME Direkt-Kuriere in 2001-2004, which was active as a Europe-wide specialist for special transports.