Five types for 24h - from cars to 40t trucks through day and night at European speed

Our extensive fleet for your logistics orders


  • Payload up to 300kg hand load
  • Volume up to 1m³
  • Pallet spaces: 1
  • Loading dimension: 125x85x100cm
Car car, caddy, combo for the implementation of special trips and overnight for euro.COURIER.


  • Payload up to 800-1150kg
  • Volume up to 10m³
  • Pallet spaces: 4-5
  • Loading dimension: approx. 420x125x170cm
Vehicle vans and tarpaulin sprinters for the execution of special trips and overnight for euro.COURIER.

Lorry (curtain side) 7,5t GW

  • Payload up to 1700-2000kg
  • Volume up to 33m³
  • Pallet spaces: 10-14
  • Loading dimension: 610x244x225cm
Vehicle small lorries with a total mass of 7,5t for special journeys and overnight for euro.COURIER.

Lorry (curtain side) 12t GW

  • Payload: up to 4500-5500 kg
  • Volume: approx. 36 m³
  • Pallet spaces: 10-16
  • Loading dimension: 710x244x240cm
Vehicle medium lorry with 12t total mass for special journeys and overnight for euro.COURIER.

Lorry (curtain side) 18t GW

  • Payload 8000-9000kg
  • Volume up to 43m³
  • Pallet spaces: 17
  • Loading dimension: 720x244x248cm
Vehicle medium lorry with 12t total mass for special journeys and overnight for euro.COURIER.

Lorry (curtain side) 40t GW

  • Payload: up to 23500 kg
  • Volume: approx. 90 m³
  • Pallet spaces: 34
  • Loading dimension: 1360x240x270cm
Vehicle semi-trailer with 40t total mass for carrying out special trips and overnight for euro.COURIER.

Other vehicle types, trucks + trailers, articulated lorries or special equipment such as tail lift, GGVS equipment or air suspension on request!

Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 ff. Approved carrier for air freight Transport company for waste

Modern fleet, efficient and environmentally conscious

ECL euro.COURIER Logistics GmbH has stood for reliability and quality in logistics and transport for over two decades. In addition to qualified and friendly employees, this also includes an impeccable and modern fleet of vehicles.
With punctuality and adherence to schedules, we are at your side as a logistics service provider and bring your goods cleanly and safely to their destination. As an experienced courier service, we know that maximum flexibility is of the utmost importance. Coupled with our all-round service and our 24-hour availability, scheduling problems are no longer an issue for you.
Try us out and hire us today! Already in your first personal meeting with our qualified colleagues from the dispatching department, the transport of your consignments will be precisely adapted to your requirements.

The right vehicle for every operation

Our logistics fleet is broadly positioned so that we always find the optimal solution for your needs. For example, we offer you the option of transporting your goods directly to their destination without a stopover via our Special Speed Logistics. If you need it even faster, we also offer the right conditions for a perfect and punctual shipment with our Overnight-Express. In the area of these direct and special transports, we offer you all common sizes of vehicles. From the small Caddy to the large articulated lorry, our fleet is waiting for you! Whether 3.5t, 7.5t, 12t, 18t or even 40t total weight - we transport your goods directly, without annoying loading and under constant control.

We are perfectly positioned in all fields

Because your consignment is close to our hearts, we also put it at the top of our priorities. This means that your wishes and requirements are precisely recorded and processed by our dispatchers. We take care of your transport flexibly and reliably with a modern fleet that leaves nothing to be desired. Whether it's a one-off order or regular journeys, we take care of your goods. And not only when the order is placed! During the entire transport we can track and electronically monitor your consignment. Safety and reliability paired with personal care! We are your deadline savers and problem solvers in the logistics sector.


can also be to maintain and preserve a vehicle beyond its life cycle. This is what our Multicar 24 from 1976 stands for.